These projects feature work that demonstrates various techniques for specifically incorporating the topic of sustainability into the creative process through innovation. Because the term “sustainability” encompasses so many ideas, each of the following performances attempt to identify and address different aspects of what that conversation can motivate: alternative energy, rural gardening, conservationism, social ecology, LED technology, plastic, or simply survival. Within the cornucopia of sustainable topics, specificity in intention begets a clearer and more focused process around which a narrative can be constructed, ultimately requiring new and innovate design models specific to the performance.


In my experience, most theatrical productions tend to be as wasteful as they are resourceful and these habits can become extremely challenging to overcome. There is a general tendency to assume that conservationism imposes incompatible limitations. As an artist focused on innovation, I have found incredible opportunities to use the motivating practice of sustainability to further both the integrity and intrigue of my work. The opportunity to pioneer new design models so fascinates me that in 2005 I co-founded the design laboratory, Mlab, with filmmaker Tobin Rothlein to address these curiosities. Because the focus is as much about artistic practice as it is about technology, Mlab strives to develop efficient yet provocative designs that can easily tour without an excessive demand on the company or the presenter.