The Nook

Community Library


For this studio project, my team designed a daylight system for a small, two-story library. Roof fenestration included a North-facing aperture that blocked direct light and a South facing aperture that allowed small amounts of direct light only at the equinox. The East facing facade treatment provided screen-like shading that restricted direct summer exposure while activating the space with small penetrations of shifting daylight in the morning of each season. Linear cove lighting is integrated into the ceiling and skylights. We established a target Daylight Factor of 4-6% and calculated 5.5% at the task surface.



Lighting Studio II, Project 2: Daylight Strategy for a Community Library

Team project with  Jordana Goot and Silvia Mazzari

Spring 2014

Instructors: Davidson Norris, Glen Shrum, Kim Ackert