Transitions for Muji

Lighting Studio 1, Project 3

Team project with Yunong Zhang

Fall 2013

Instructors: Craig Bernecker, Amer Maleh, Jason Neches



The lighting proposal for Muji’s new space in the Meatpacking District reflects their elegant, design-led product aesthetic and uses fixture form and shape to develop a symbology of programming. The design supports a highly collaborative, mixed use space by capitalizing on an open floor plan and various levels of transparency. Through articulated organizations of public and private space, the design will nurture and motivate sophisticated, relevant and responsible design innovations that reflect a consistent engagement with Muji’s customers and collaborators.


Linear and rectangular fixtures indicate boundries and private space. Recessed linear channels can be found along corridors and suspended fixtures are located in the private offices. Circular fixtures indicate spaces of overlap where design, collaboration and prototyping merge. These are transparent and accessible. The cubical fixtures that compose the featured stairwell chandalier suggest stability, balance and cohesion.