Moving to Design:

Movement Models for Design Practice

Movement Workshop and Panel Discussion

Fall 2014



In this participatory design/research project, I facilitated a series of movement workshops for non-trained movers in the worlds urban planning, design and architecture. Each workshop was an experimental opportunity that sought to craft a theoretical discourse in design thinking through the type of conversations used to develop work for theatre and dance. A repeating cycle of movement, observation and reflection generated a heightened sensitivity to the body's relationship with its surrounding environment while providing unique opportunities to explore cultural identity and personal history as critical aspects of design language. These provocations sparked new questions, insights and sensibilities about how we use and perceive space, movement and human interaction in our various fields of design. The reflections of this experience were discussed with a panel of choreographers, architects, directors, urban planners and designers from the professional community.




John Jasperse  Artistic Director, John Jasperse Projects

Dan Rothenberg  Co-Founder and Co-Artistic Director, Pig Iron Theatre Company

Bill Shannon  conceptual, interdisciplinary dance, performance and video installation artist

Mark DeChiazza  director, filmmaker, designer, and choreographer

Kira Appelhans  artist and landscape architect



view the discussion here