59 East 59, NYC, Spring 2010

Produced by The Play Company

Directed by Dan Rothenberg


Enjoy begins within a Japanese manga café where, ostensibly, nothing seems to happen. Passively hipster in dialogue and character interaction, it actively contextualizes the extreme social imbalance and unemployment issues that affect both contemporary Japan and the United States.


As a reflection of the constructed metropolis that surrounds us, lighting sculpts and re-shapes the set to support locations beyond the fixed walls of the café break room. From interpretations of sunlight through a window to the glaring fluorescent light of a subway platform, lighting thematically drives the narrative of the play forward, shifting perceptions of location and time.



Produced by: The Play Company

Written by: Toshiki Okada

Directed by: Dan Rothenberg

Scenic Design by: Mimi Lien

Sound Design by: Daniel Kluger

Costume Design by: Maiko Matsushima

Lighting Design by: James Clotfelter

Photography: Mimi Lien