Chekhov Lizardbrain

Pig Iron Theatre Company, The Ohio Theatre, NYC, 2008


Chekhov Lizardbrain was conceived out of a longing to explore both Chekhovian drama and neuroscience. The main character, Dmitri (with the help of his imagined alter-ego, Chekhov Lizardbrain) is trying to organize and better understand his memories. Lighting shifts between the “realism” of these initial memories, the hyper-dramatic re-staging of them, and the devised way in which he attempts to replay them as if from a projector.


Above the circular playing space hangs the “brain cloud” - an installation of light bulbs based on Paul D. MacLean’s Triune Brain Theory. Like entangled neurons within the brain, the bulbs help to organize the narrative and help us find out way.


One of the top 10 theatre events in New York in 2008 - The New York TImes




Written by: Robert Quillen Camp

Directed by: Dan Rothenberg

Scenic Design by: Anna Kiraley

Sound Design by: Nick Kourtides

Costume Design by: Olivera Gajic

Lighting Design by: James Clotfelter

Photography courtesy of Pig Iron