Capsule 33

Thaddeus Phillips

Lucidity Suitcase Intercontinental, Barrow Street Theatre, NYC, 2010


Capsule 33 was inspired by micro-architecture, the ideas of Nikola Tesla, and recycling (both in physical materials and classical texts) and was the flagship piece of Philadelphia’s first “Off the Grid” performance festival. The power for the production was generated by two 12v Weza foot-pumps that in turn powered low-voltage LEDs and audio from discarded cell phones. The central scenic piece was based on one of the high-efficiency living capsules from the Nakagin Capsule Tower in Japan. Our capsule was constructed out of 100% recyclable material and was built to quickly transform and represent a variety of structures on stage.


There are two separate lighting systems for this performance piece and both are completely powered by the 12v foot-pump generators. Built into the structure of the capsule is an intricate system of LED lights that the actor can easily control with hidden switches and dimmers from inside. Surrounding the stage is a second network of LEDs controlled by the stage manager through a custom-built 12v control console. The same amount of energy used to power a 100w light bulb for one hour powers this entire performance in its entirety.


"Microworld(s)" is smart theater for a new generation of theatergoers, a model of efficiency and theatrical ingenuity."

- John Moore - Denver Post, October 22, 2009




Produced by: Barrow Street Theatre

Written and Performed by: Thaddeus Phillips

Scenic Design: Thaddeus Phillips

Sound Design: David Disbrow & Kevin Francis

Lighting Design: James Clotfelter

Photography: Even Kafka