BAM, Harvey Theatre, Fall 2011

John Jasperse



Canyon explores the experiential conditions of awe, disorientation, spaciousness, and fractured connectivity. The choreography and visual design acknowledge the structural qualities of a theater’s architecture as departure points and attempt to manipulate a sense of harmony and organization within it.


The visual design for Canyon geometrically opposes the standard, presentational, audience-to-stage relationship as well as the overall symmetry of the theater itself. By manipulating the directionality, source, and color of the space over time, light encouraged the viewers to question the origin and sensation of their experience.



“The mood is further set by a marvelous team of collaborators. James Clotfelter’s lighting design suggests shifts of weather and time, both subtle and sweeping.”

- Claudia La Rocco, The New York Times, November 17, 2011



John Jasperse Company

Choreography by: John Jasperse

Scenic Design by: Tony Orrico

Music Composition by: Hahn Rowe

Costume Design by: John Jasperse

Lighting Design by: James Clotfelter

Photography: Alex Escalante & Julieta Cervantes