Black Whole

Food Lion Skate Park, Asheville, NC, Spring 2009

Produced by Black Mountain College Museum & Arts Center

Creative Directors: Adam Larsen and Janice Lancaster


Black Whole is a performance installation that explores the intersection of dance, light, and video within a seemingly familiar urban environment. The performance seeks to question preconceptions about art in public spaces and to explore how light and video can re-shape the architecture of public space.


Constructed as a temporary installation, the lighting was designed with minimal equipment that was supplemented by custom-fabricated luminaires that could be manipulated by dancers and crew throughout the performance as part of the internal visual composition.




Commissioned by: Black Mountain College

Conceived by: Janice Lancaster and Adam Larsen

Choreography by: Janice Lancaster

Video Design by: Adam Larsen

Live Music by: Jason Daniello of Moog Music

Lighting Design by: James Clotfelter